If you want a compelling, dynamic speaker for a wellness presentation or a compassionate, qualified professional dietitian for group or one-on-one nutrition counselling, Megan Pentz-Kluyts and her team are your premier choice. With more than 15 years experience, Megan is ideal for imparting nutritional information to both professionals and the lay person alike.

Many companies realize the importance of giving employees knowledge and opportunities with regard to health and wellness. Megan and her team can offer personal interactions your employees at company wellness days, along with such services as:

  • Health risk assessment
  • Body composition testing
  • Health-related articles for your company newsletter
  • In-house screening clinics
  • In-house catering assessment
  • Wellness presentations
  • Wellness workshops

Megan and her team tailor their services to your specific needs.

In a time when concern about health risks such as obesity, heart disease, hypertension and diabetes are on the rise, advice from registered nutrition specialists is increasingly important.
By investing in the health of your staff, you invest in your company’s productivity. Megan and her staff can give your employees new strategies and tips for eating healthily without compromising taste and eating enjoyment.

Megan and her team can offer a variety of talks and workshops, from one hour keynote addresses to half- and full-day workshops. These are geared towards helping individuals incorporate healthy eating habits and wellness routines into their daily lives.
These talks and workshops can be tailored to meet the needs and goals of clients and can be structured to be interactive.

In addition to nutritional and health information, presentations can include practical concerns such as food shopping, preparation, storage and cooking advice to recipes and menu preparation.
Megan and her team are ideal speakers for:

  • Breakfasts
  • Luncheons or teas
  • Keynote dinner speaker
  • Client awareness building
  • Community organizations
  • Conferences
  • Health fairs
  • Health workshops
  • In-house seminars
  • Staff training days
  • Symposia
  • Team building exercises
  • Wellness fairs

Too often we rely on advertisements, our friends, or the internet for advice when we should be seeking competent advice from a registered professional who has been trained to know just what it is our bodies need for optimal health and wellness. A private, one-on one consultation with Megan is just the thing to get you started!

Research has shown that when people are regularly monitored, behaviour change is enhanced and health and nutritional goals are more easily achieved.

Private consultation: People are unique and, as such, have different needs. A private consultation will ensure that your nutritional and dietary needs are attended to in a confidential and targeted way.

A private consultation includes an individual assessment session and educational information regarding your health, nutrition, and lifestyle needs. You will be weighed and measured to establish a baseline for further treatment.

The dietitian will analyse the information gathered and then formulate an eating plan for you with menus, recipes, and specific dietary information. Subsequent consultations will monitor your progress and provide on-going support and information

Your dietitian will provide you with a detailed explanation of how the nutrition program works and how to implement the program. She will also discuss results from blood testing, and supplementation if required. You will be asked to keep a food diary for further assessment and monitoring.

Additional consultations provide you with the necessary ongoing support and motivation that is required when wanting to change diet and lifestyle practises.

Your dietitian can provide on-going education for you with regard to tips for travelling, eating out, weekends, social events, food labelling, shopping and so on. Your dietitian is an excellent source of new nutritional information, protecting you from harmful food fads and diets.

If you want to change your life by changing your lifestyle, then Megan and her team of dieticians is the perfect place to start.

To discuss your nutrition consulting needs:


Whether your needs are personal or you wish to provide your staff or colleagues with up-to-date information regarding health and nutrition, contact Megan by email or phone.

13 Warwick Road,
West Beach, 7441

Cell: 082 457 1041
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Fax: 086 575 8166

Email: info@nutritionza.co.za

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